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Equal Justice Center Slideshow

Restaurant Workers with Family
Underpaid for years, they finally recover the full back wages they earned — earnings vital to sustaining themselves and their families.

Need help with unpaid wages or overtime pay owed to you?

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EJC Launches New Project to Combat Workplace Sexual Assault

October 2015

The Equal Justice Center has launched an innovative new project to combat the scourge of sexual assault in the workplace and to provide survivors of sexual assault with expert legal assistance on employment-related matters.

It is shockingly common for working women and men to be victimized by sexual assault in their jobs.  Low-wage working people are especially vulnerable to this most terrible form of employment violation. (See, for example, recent PBS Frontline documentaries Rape on the Night Shift and Rape in the Fields.)  The EJC’s project on Employment Law Assistance for Survivors of Sexual Assault will deploy and expand the EJC’s employment law expertise to help survivors of workplace sexual assault secure the compensation and legal remedies they need for their recovery. Where applicable, EJC attorneys will help survivors hold employers accountable when the company’s employment practices have allowed sexual assault to occur within their business.  At the same time the EJC will work constructively and proactively with all employers, their business associations, and their attorneys to encourage all employers to adopt the model safe employment practices that can prevent workplace sexual assault before it occurs.

Apart from workplace sexual assault, survivors of sexual assault, wherever it occurs, often face special difficulties sustaining the ongoing employment that is vital to their economic security and recovery.  The EJC’s Project to Assist Survivors of Sexual Assault will provide survivors with the legal help they need to maintain secure and productive employment as they cope with and recover from the effects of sexual assault.

The EJC’s project on Employment Law Assistance for Survivors of Sexual Assault is part of a new Texas-wide program of legal aid for survivors of sexual assault which is funded and supported by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation.  The Equal Justice Center was chosen to spearhead the specialized employment law aspects of this statewide collaboration based on EJC’s low-wage employment law expertise and the experience EJC already has providing legal assistance to survivors of workplace sexual assault and sexual harassment.

EJC 14th Anniversary Celebration, Part 2: Join us at Peter Pan Mini-Golf, Nov 12th

November 12
Austin Texas

On October 22, we held “Part 1″ of the EJC’s 14th Anniversary Celebration with an open house at the Equal Justice Center office. We had to move that celebration at the last minute from our originally planned location at Austin’s iconic Peter Pan Mini-Golf
due to rain.  We enjoyed an uplifting celebration with all our many friends who joined us that evening.

But for all those who are still craving mini-golf action with the Equal Justice Center, we promised this:


When:  Thursday, Nov 12, 2015,  6:00-8:00pm

Where:  Peter Pan Mini-Golf
1207 Barton Springs Road
Austin, Texas 78704   Map

Bring the family
Mini-golf fun
Local craft beer + non-alcoholic and kid drinks
substantial snacks
(but sorry, all the Franklin BBQ and Cazamance vegetarian curry already got eaten up at the Oct 22 open-house celebration)

Entrance Donation:
- If you’re with one of our sponsors or already donated to attend our Part 1 open-house on Oct 22, that is also good for Part 2 on Nov 12 too.
- If you couldn’t come on Oct 22, but are coming to Part 2 on Nov 12, we’d be grateful to have your support at the gate.

EJC salutes our sponsors for this year’s celebration

Support EJC’s mission providing legal action that helps low-wage working families recover unpaid wages, uphold their basic employment rights, secure immigrant justice, and achieve fair treatment in the legal system, in the workplace, and in our civil society.

Click here to see photos and more info about the EJC’s Peter Pan Mini-Golf fundraiser

Keep You Fingers Crossed for a dry evening Nov 12

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